Rastlös på jobbet -_-

Vet ni vad gott folk ?

Jag är kissig nödig. -_-' jag är rastis på jobbet sorry :P
Laugh with me ^^ !!
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Peace out !

If These Walls Could Talk ..

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and follow the text while you're listening

♫♫ If These Walls Could Talk ♥ ♫♫
Frankie J

How long must we go on?
It's killing me to think about it
Neighbours keep knocking at our door
Because we're always fighting
This house is not a home how long must we keep tryna hide it
The truth we keep a secret
Cause we'd rather both be blinded

And inside of my heart is so dark
But outside it's so bright as a day
This is tearing me up and it's breaking me down
It's so hard to explain

If these walls could talk, what would they say?
They only know everything we've been through
If these walls could talk, there's our escape
They could revive our love and show us the way
If these walls could talk, if these walls could talk

Love's a ghost in this house
Heaven knows I don't want to believe it (no)
I hear whispers at night like these walls tryna speak
while I'm sleeping (and i wanna hear it)
Maybe they can see right through my mind
And they know what I'm dreaming (what i'm dreaming)
Black and white crystal clear
'Cause they know they see through what I'm feeling